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K&D Pratt

K&D Pratt required an updated website with content management and commerce capability.

K&D Pratt is Atlantic Canada’s largest industrial supplies dealer. They cater to industries such as off-shore, fire and safety, wireless, instrumentation, technical services, and specialty products. The company required an updated website with content management and commerce capability.

K&D Pratt also provides an employee rewards system to large employers such as Suncor, Secunda, and Rowan. The system K&D Pratt was currently using was badly outdated and the company was receiving a poor level of support from the current provider.

EPM delivered this project in 3 stages. First, we redesigned and rebuilt the company’s main website in Joomla. We rewrote all of the copy for each industrial section and restructured the content throughout the site, and added more photography to help stimulate the content.

Next, we provided ecommerce integration in Joomla using Virtuemart for the company’s main consumer commerce store and optimized the site for search engine visibility. EPM provided staff training for product management and content management.

The third phase of the project tackled the employee safety rewards system. For each employer registered to the program, a point is rewarded to each employee for every successive incident free day which can then be redeemed for merchandize in the online rewards portal, similar to AirMiles or Aeroplan.

For this we chose to use Magento, and enterprise commerce software package. We went to work on a major overhaul of Magento’s payment systems allowing for a points based currency. We then extended Magento’s user management system to manage all of the points data for each employee. The system is setup to manage the points either automatically or manually.

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