Web Design

Website Design and Development;
AKA, Our Heart and Soul

We strive to build sites that people enjoy; sites that are beautifully designed, well-structured, and instantly intuitive for people to use. We use standards compliant coding so your website will be accessible to all users, regardless of device or personal physical barriers.

Creativity + Technical Skill
= Limitless Opportunities

We build websites in Joomla and WordPress — two of today’s most popular content management systems. By using these robust platforms as our base, we deliver websites that are fast, reliable, user friendly, and extensible.

These systems are built with powerful plugin capability to ensure they adapt to new technologies and marketing channels for years to come. And they’re easy to customize, so no matter the complexity of your requirements, Electric Playground can tailor your site to fit your business.

Oh, and because these systems are open source, your budget doesn’t get bogged down in needless licensing fees. With the money saved, you can build more features into your site, beef up your marketing budget, or you could just keep it in your pocket.

Every site we produce has basic search optimization features integrated, which help you get noticed by search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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