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AKIBA is a SaaS platform that automates the process of renting and moving into a storage unit.  

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Project Details

We first developed AKIBA as a custom solution for our client, Metro Self-Storage. Our client liked the result so much they decided to create a spin out business and we helped them brand their platform as AKIBA, which means 'storage' in Swahili, a fitting name since the first version was developed by Kenny Gathuru, a young genius hailing from Kenya.

Electric Playground remains the authorized technical agency, which means we participate in the sales and marketing strategy, handle all of the branding, trade show booth design, brochure and collateral production. We also take care of the onboarding of new clients, customization of the application, and development of new features. 

AKIBA has now expanded with two new components; AKIBA Auctions for online storage auctions, and AKIBA Interaction, a solution for call centres for large companies with multiple locations. 

AKIBA is seeing major success across North America. It is now used by hundreds of self-storage facilities from Florida to Hawaii, all across Canada, and now into Europe.