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Willy Krauch

EPM completely rebranded the company with a stylish new look with an old school feel.

Jorgen Willy Krauch - known to everyone as Willy - emigrated from the small island of Fejo, Denmark in 1951 with his wife Irene and three young children, Jane, Tonny and John. As a young man in Fejo, Willy had owned a fishing boat and smoked his own fish, which he sold from a box mounted on his three-wheeled freight bicycle. Once in Canada however, Willy turned his hand to whatever he could to provide for the family in those early years as an immigrant, first working at an abattoir for Larsen's Meat Packers in Berwick, Nova Scotia, before moving to northern New Brunswick work at a fish plant then back to Nova Scotia, where he worked as a lumberjack for five years.

Seeking more independence and a return to his love of smoked fish, Willy bought a 1953 Fargo truck and scoured coastal Nova Scotia in search of a new homestead. In the summer of 1956, just 80 kilometres up the coast from Halifax, he found the perfect spot.

In the picturesque village of Tangier, Willy bought a fully furnished house and four acres of land for $1,000. His family was growing so he got to work on his smokehouse right away - a simple tarpaper-clad building with an attached brick hot smoker and a wooden cold smoker. Willy was back into the trade he loved and although he may not have known it at the time, he'd created an enterprise that would become world-famous.

Now owned and managed by the Krauch family, J. Willy Krauch came to us in 2009 and asked us to build them their first website. EPM completely rebranded the company with a stylish new look with an old school feel.

With their new commerce enabled website, Willy Krauch is now selling smoked fish products across North America.

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